You In The Hawaiian Shirt!

You In The Hawaiian Shirt!

Hey FYI, On The River Staff are going to be at the Enshrinement Festival on July 16-17. We’ll be the ones that look like we just walked in out of a luau or a Hawaiian circle dance. Just to save you time when you see us there (you will be there, right?), let me clue you in on the typical opening conversation at one of these events:

Q = You.
A = OTR Beachcomber Dude/tte.

Q: Hey you! Yeah you in the Hawaiian shirt! What is “On The River?”
A: It’s a two-day, fun-filled beach bash for all ages!

Q: What’s the point?
A: To enjoy the sun, sand (1500 tons of it), and have a blast! Plus, all the profits go to support the South Bend Center for the Homeless.

Q: I like that. What is there to do?
A: You can:

  • Enjoy Teen Night on Friday with live music, dancing, and a battle of the bands
  • Bring the kids for Family Day Saturday with face painting and kid’s games
  • And rock the 21+ Beach Bash on Saturday night with volleyball, cornhole and music!

That’s only the start! You can get way more info on our website.

Q: Sounds like a blast! Where do I sign up?
A: Find out how to get tickets by going to the tickets page on our website. FYI you can save up to 38% if you buy in advance.

So there you have it! Now that you’re clued in, you can skip the opening chatter and talk about how your teenager’s band is so going to win the Battle of the Bands, how much your kids are gonna love Family Day, and how your team is totally going to pwn (defeat in a humiliating fashion) everyone else in the volleyball tournament. You are going to sign up for those, aren’t you?


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