Welcome to Headquarters!

Welcome to Headquarters!

It’s really starting to feel like OTR season now! We had our first big build, paint, and prep session on Thursday evening at the warehouse where we’re keeping all of our props and decorations. It sort of looks like a luau exploded in there. Well, see for yourself:

The committee has spent the last two summers creating — drawing up blueprints, building the tiki huts and lifeguard chairs, cutting out the surfboards, stenciling on the designs, painting, painting, and painting. We’re now shifting from creation to preservation. As Blake, one of our decór managers, said the other day, “Who really wants to do something three times when it only needs to be done once?” This year, we’ll touch up the paint jobs on the surfboards and chairs and then throw some polyurethane on them so that hopefully they’ll last us a few seasons.

They could use a good scrub down first, though. Did you know that sand will actually cling to all this stuff through nearly a year in storage and two rounds of loading and unloading? Yeah, neither did we. Thanks, guys!

We’re also working on reinforcing all of these tiki hut roofs so that they’re sturdier and less likely to break.

We had another big project to work on this week, though: getting ready for the College Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Parade, which is…today! Look for our float and make sure you get “lei’d” — we took the liberty of affixing a little OTR 411 to each of the 2,000 leis we’re handing out along the parade route today. Everyone is excited to come party at On the River in their beach gear and leis in a few short weeks, so we figured it’s time to start looking the part!

Thanks to our helpers from the Junior Committee!


  1. Sonia Stancombe 11 years ago

    Looks like being part of the committee is almost as much fun as the big OTR event!

  2. Edgar Diaz 11 years ago

    Woohoo! Everything’s lo0king great! Good job people.

  3. Rudy 11 years ago

    Very cool, guys. Looks like things are happening! I’ll hope to be at the next one.

  4. Erin Busch 11 years ago

    Looked great today! Sonia – it is!!

  5. Billy 11 years ago

    I love it, LOVE IT. Truely beautiful process. I’ll have a beer down here August 4th on the beach and pretend i am there sitting in my chair. Blake needs to watch out for Carly and her ability to destroy power tools, and Beven’s likelihood of screwing something the wrong way!

  6. Carly 11 years ago

    We miss you, Billy! And for the record, I haven’t broken any saw blades or belt sanders this year (yet). Beven is screwing up a lot though for sure.

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