Be part of the cause

Volunteering is fun!

OTR couldn’t happen without people who volunteer their time to help change the landscape of our community – people, hopefully, like you. We’re looking for dedicated, hardworking volunteers to help bring everything together.

Whether you patrol with our security team, man the awesome activities on Family Day, or help this year’s Teen Night be the BEST EVER Teen Night in the history of OTR – when you volunteer in any part of On The River, you’ll have a chance to to meet great people, make new friends, work hard and play even harder. Plus, you get free admission to the biggest beach bash in town!

And all the while, you’ll be helping OTR support the Center for the Homeless in their mission to break the cycle of homelessness. If getting involved sounds like something you might be interested in, sign-up via the VolunteerSpot button below. If you have questions about the volunteer process, send an email to

Pizzas typically consumed by volunteers

cases of Capri Sun that get drank

Restaurants from around the community that donate food to keep volunteers fed

Free Admission ticket to an event of your choice for each volunteer

Be an OTR rockstar!

Be part of the cause to change the landscape of our community


We are On the River

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to put together the best damn beach party in South Bend.


David Sonnenburg, Athletics

Tom Shaw, Athletics

Emily Sims, Box Office

Matt Money, Family Day

Kylie Rogalla, Family Day

Brooke Vail, Family Day

Edgar Diaz, Guest Services

Aaron Perri, Guest Services

Rob Sparks, Guest Services

Casey Krempec, Hospitality

Whitney Nickle, Hospitality

Diana Evans, Hospitality

Garrett Gingerich, Marketing

Patrick McIntire, Marketing

Ryan Bonnell, Marketing

Beatrice Pedraza, Sales

Sheena Zent, Sales

Erin Busch, Sales

Landon Hill, Security

Dan Garnett, Security

Clinton Squadroni, Security

Dan Wolfson, Security

Tyler Kelsey, Site / Construction

Gavin Ferlic, Site / Logistics

Paul Phair, Site Managment

Victoria Trauger, Teen Night

John Beven, Teen Night

Victoria Scheid, Teen Night

Grace Jackson, Volunteers

Dave Grundy, Volunteers

Teen Committee

Alex Burt

Lauren Cernak

Jennifer Cromartie

Mason Drajer

Matt Faccenda

Shenal Fernando

Jeanie Freeby

Rosie Freeby

Julia Harrison

Meghan Hickey

Nick King

Becca Matthys

Billy Miller

Joey Sawyer

Tommy Sawyer

Lindsey Staszewski

Dianne Waweru

Gina Waweru

Matt Waweru