The Props Are Here!

We just unloaded a semi-truck trailer full of props for On the River 2010! The props include Tiki huts, surf boards, life guard chairs and more tropical themed paraphernalia than would ever be expected in the midwest. Everything is handmade by volunteers, except for the thatch which is imported from Mexico. We’re going to begin re-painting everything and also building some brand new props for 2010. Check out the gallery below!

[Gallery not found]
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2 Responses to The Props Are Here!

  1. Carly says:

    Glad to see everything is present & accounted for! Thatch is still looking good, too.

    Can’t wait to start painting & building again this summer!

  2. Mart Pratt says:

    Can’t wait to meet you guys and become involved in the project :)

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